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About Us

Our Services

Jamboree Management is a professional real estate firm providing full-service property management and consulting services for a variety of income-producing properties throughout Southern California and New Mexico. Our staff is headed by two Certified Property Managers, who have each had more than 45 years of responsible leadership in the real estate industry. Jamboree Management has been selected as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO®) since 1990 by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®).

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Property Management

Jamboree Management specializes in the management of small and large multi-family and commercial residential income-producing properties throughout all of Southern California as well as Albuquerque, NM. Our clients include financial institutions, pension funds, the FDIC, developers, syndicates and private investors. Our management team brings many years of extensive real estate experience to all facets of the fee-management business which is utilized on a daily basis for the benefit of our client-owned investment properties.

Jamboree Management emphasizes a close working relationship with each client and provides these and other services to tailor a specific management program for each asset’s needs:

  • Resident retention and public relations programs
  • Appraisal and asset financial analysis
  • Operating expenses cost analysis and control
  • Accounting management
  • Value-enhancement program analysis
  • Staff motivation and supervision
  • Implementation and evaluation
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Jamboree Management is frequently called upon to conduct specialized consulting assignments for both institutional and private owners. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Market studies
  • Due diligence
  • Acquisition analysis
  • Value-added programs
  • Disposition program direction
  • Project development
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Property Supervision

Two basic components are required in the appropriate administration of each property:

  • Physical supervision of the on-site improvements
  • Strategic supervision of the daily operations of the property on-site and off-site

Weekly property inspections are made by the Property Manager to ensure quality control and adherence to management programs. Management’s continual monitoring and periodic evaluation, usually monthly, fosters the highest performance standards.

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Richard M. Tucker, owner of Jamboree Management Company, has served many times as a Receiver for income properties. Recognizing his extensive background in both commercial and multi-family residential properties, various financial institutions have used his Receivership services throughout all of Southern California as well as Albuquerque, NM. The Receivership/Management Team consists of associates in each county, which enables us to take over troubled properties quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the residents. With a short-term stabilization program in place, the team then develops longer-range goals based on each client’s objectives.


The budget planning process begins well in advance of the end of the fiscal or calendar year using a series of summarizing and projecting techniques. Beginning early and meeting periodic target completion deadlines ensures optimal revising and refining. The client is given opportunities for consultation and review at key points. Budget completion is always scheduled for at least two months prior to the close of the financial year.

Maintenance & Repairs

Jamboree Management has an experienced and high quality in-house maintenance team. Their locality and expertise has enabled us to provide responsible workmanship for all property types. Each job is monitored for cost-effectiveness and consistent quality of service. Additionally, a number of vendors and contractors in each trade are maintained for each geographic area so that immediate service can be provided when needed. With this arrangement, service continually is maintained for each property.

Capital Improvements

Jamboree Management has developed long-term relationships with a series of general contractors. These relationships have developed consistency and cost-effectiveness in completing resident improvements on time and on budget. The property managers and contractors have coordinated extensive resident improvements resulting in resident and property owner satisfaction.

Financial Reporting

Accurate and timely financial reporting of each property’s activities is key to both the property owner and manager if income-producing real estate is to be understood and operated successfully. Jamboree’s financial reporting package is versatile enough to meet the sophisticated needs of institutional asset managers as well as the less complex requirements of many private investors.

On-Site Coordination

Communication, training and effective follow-up are keys to success. Property managers and on-site staff are well versed in resident relations, property supervision and rental collections.

Jamboree Management

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Meet Our Executive Team

Richard Tucker

President, Area Manager

Jeff Harris

Sr. Vice President

Jeremy Metz

Sr. Vice President

Lauren Love

Marketing Manager

Eron Kaylor

Regional Director

Terri Boykin

Regional Director

Ami Dean

Regional Director

Shelley Pagliarulo

Accounting Manager

Giezy Mendoza Bonilla

Director of Human Resources

Ryan Van Rensselaer

Director of Acquisitions & Client Services

Teo Oros

Maintenance Supervisor

Darling Rooney

Director of Operations